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Finally Making Biochar

What is Torrefaction?

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Rice Husk

The Rice Husk, also called rice hull, is the coating on a seed or grain of rice. It is formed from hard materials, including silica and lignin, to protect the seed during the growing season.

Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB)

Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) is a kind of biomass formed during the production process of palm oil.

Coconut Shells

A Coconut Plantation is analogous to energy crop plantations, however coconut plantations are a source of wide variety of products, in addition to energy.

Buy Palm Kernel Shells (PKS)

Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) is a by-product of the palm oil industry but is fast becoming an important source of feedstock for biomass energy generation.Buy palm kernal shells and many more.

Oil Palm Trunk (OPT)

Oil Palm Trunk (OPT) is a solid waste obtained in large quantities after the felling of oil palm trees and is available year-round.

Palm Kernel Shells (PKS) Pellets

Palm Kernel Shell or PKS is ideal materials for making fuel pellets, but it is also relatively more difficult to be pelletizer than wood materials such as sawdust or wood chips.