Rapid Switch to Renewables

U.S striving to bring a paradigm shift in renewable energy production.


By Rubina Obaid


U.S. is going to experience a rapid change in terms of switching towards climate neutrality through renewable energy sources, which in turn will greatly reduce the dependence of energy production through coal or fossil-based fuels.

For United States 2019  was a great year for the production of renewable energy shift, as per the data published by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in March reflected that 22% of the total country’s energy was generated through renewable sources . The energy production mounted to 11,875MW, which is new generating capacity and three times greater than natural gas, oil, nuclear and coal combined. This contributed 8.51% of the total country’s energy production, whereas wind power produced the most energy followed by hydropower, solar and biomass. According to the latest data shared by a research organization, which revealed that in the coming years renewable is going to top fossil fuels in term of having capacity of energy production and the new capacity will add up to the energy production of around 48,254 Mega watts.

U.S. is going to experience rapid change in terms of switching towards climate neutrality  through renewable energy sources, which in turn will greatly reduce dependence of energy production through coal or fossil based fuels. Henceforth, renewable energy will continue to experience growth aligning it with UN goals of achieving carbon free climate, along with the supportive  policies of government. One of the major boosts will be brought by the Black Rock wind farm which is situated in West Virginia’s Grant and Mineral countries by a renewable energy company Clearway. The construction works for 11MW and put the project at the center of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with American Electric Power Subsidiary and Toyota. The project will pay $400,000 to state in property taxes and $300,000 in business and occupation taxes.

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Another leading renewable energy project which will contribute 300 MW, known as Caddo Project which was acquired by Allete Clean Energy,  is a subsidiary of electric service company and is expected to be operational by the year 2021. The wind farm in Oklahoma, which will sufficiently produce energy for around 110,000 houses,  have almost 60 to 110 wind turbines. The president of Allete Clean Energy said that the project will increase the overall wind capacity of the company to 1300 MW. Further, it has been projected that nearly half of the wind energy will be sold in the corporate market and under long term contracts, as soon as the project is going to be live. There is another grand wind project operated by German utility RWE, which has already begun its operations in the beginning of March and is sufficient to produce energy for 45000 homes which will be a great milestone in changing the dynamics of renewable energy sector. 

Hydroelectric projects are no exception in contributing greatly to the production of renewable energy, therefore Red rock hydroelectric project was erected on an existing US Army Corps, the project features 28MW turbine generators which is enough to power 18000 homes every year. Solar park projects are also playing an essential role in the production of renewable energy while offsetting tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every year. Steve Ryder, CFO of Clearway said: “We are pleased to contribute to California’s goal of achieving 100% clean energy and to partner with the state as a growing vehicle for energy procurement in the Golden State.”  The project is going to finish by the end of the current year, contributing 1500 MW in the renewable projects of the state. 

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